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The Washington State Dental Association is the voice of dentistry in Washington, representing the interests of dentists while working to ensure high quality oral health care for the patients they serve.

As your advocate, the WSDA will: 

  • Support reforms to dental insurance which will result in better patient care

  • Support legislation that prioritizes the payment of preventive dental care provided by dentists prior to an individual’s deductible being met

  • Oppose any legislation which amends the definition of  dentistry to allow non-dentists to own dental practices or otherwise interfere in the doctor-patient relationship

  • Support state revenue policies that are fair to dentistry and oppose tax and fee increases that negatively affect dentistry

  • Support the preservation and extension of funding for dental Medicaid, dental residency programs, Federally Qualified Health Center dental clinics,  loan repayment programs, the RIDE program, and other state funded initiatives which reduce barriers to dental care without compromising patient safety

  • Maintain opposition to dental workforce bills which create dental therapists, dental hygiene therapists, or any other dental midlevel provider 

  • Support reforms to the Medicaid audit process

By joining, you will gain tripartite membership in three organizations: The American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association and a local dental society. Two out of every three Washington dentists are members of the WSDA. Now is the best time to join them.

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