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Practice Analysis Consultation

*WSDA member exclusive rate of $3,000*

Many dentists would like to know the total health of their practices.  More importantly, they would like to know their three biggest weaknesses and how to fix them step-by-step.

Do you ever feel lost energy, lost time, lost momentum, and in effect lost money? 

Would you like more focus, more referrals, more new patients, and as a result more revenue?

Prior to the initial call, your office provides us with a variety of reports.  Doctors fill out a two-page analysis, send it along with staff and doctor confidential questionnaires and other pertinent information.  You will then participate in an in-depth conversation where you discover areas the practice may be lacking in.

You will learn how to start the process of having a much healthier practice within 90 days to six months.

  • Three – 45 minute calls
    •  1st call to discuss analysis and identify 1 major concern
    •  2nd call to address concern and set goals
    •  3rd call staff/Dr. training

Essentially, this is the X-ray, Exam and Diagnosis for your dental business.