AmericanWest Banking Services

Business Banking Products for Dentists

We’re banking on the businesses and professionals like you who make business happen.

We’re for those who take a dream, make it a plan, then turn it into reality–the ones who pursue free enterprise at all costs, and just happen to build a stronger America along the way.  Yes, dentists--we’re for you.   In fact, we exist to serve you and those you employ at your practice. 

AmericanWest Bank serves the dental community with customized financial solutions designed to fit the demands and size of every practice.  Whether you’re just getting your practice started or taking it to the next level, we’ll give you sound financial advice and information.  We believe everyone deserves their own banker at their beck and call now and every day you bank with us.

Business Banking Products for Dentists:

  • Practice Financing 
  • Practice Checking & Savings
  • Maximize Practice Cash Flow
  • Employee Banking
  • Personal Banking Products
  • Residential Lending
Contact your local AmericanWest Bank branch today or send us an email to connect with an AmericanWest Bank dental banking expert near you.  We’re banking on the dentists.