Front office

Front Office Development

What better way to optimize excellent systems for the administrative team than by a custom designed one-on-one training session for your office?
  • One or two days on-site exclusively with the front office administration team.
  • Learn how to enhance case presentations and increase case acceptance overall.
  • Learn collection strategies that get results including increasing over-the-counter collections and decreasing accounts receivable.
  • Learn the art of productive scheduling and communication techniques that reduce broken appointments.
  • Receive up to six hours of follow-up training via phone or Skype to include coaching, continued staff training and/or mystery calling. 
Tele Coaching - Dentists

Often times, a question will arise and you wish you could bend an ear of a trusted colleague, but what you truly need is the advice of a proven expert.   This one-hour teleconference with a Miles Global Consultant regarding any issue or question is invaluable! 

Whether you are considering adding an associate, buying a building, remodeling, or your practice is experiencing staff issues; this kind of support is critical in saving you time and money by avoiding expensive mistakes.  Learn from the experts and use their experience and knowledge to maximize your investment and build your practice.  This is a great way to take your practice to the next level!

Tele Coaching - Staff

Does your staff need training now and you don’t have any time to train them yourself?  Did an issue come up and you would like your staff to have some advice on how to handle it?  Due to overwhelming requests, staff telephone training is your answer!