Practice Management Services

All WSDA members and their staff receive a 10% discount on any of Miles Global’s services and products. Please call 800.922.0866 or email for fees.

Tele-Consulting Options:

Practice Analysis Consultation *WSDA member exclusive rate of $3,000*
 Many dentists would like to know the total health of their practices.  More importantly, they would like to know their three biggest weaknesses and how to fix them step-by-step.

Do you ever feel lost energy, lost time, lost momentum, and in effect lost money? 

Would you like more focus, more referrals, more new patients, and as a result more revenue?

Prior to the initial call, your office provides us with a variety of reports.  Doctors fill out a two-page analysis, send it along with staff and doctor confidential questionnaires and other pertinent information.  You will then participate in an in-depth conversation where you discover areas the practice may be lacking in.

You will learn how to start the process of having a much healthier practice within ninety days to six months.

Three – 45 minute calls

  • 1st call to discuss analysis and identify 1 major concern
  • 2nd call to address concern and set goals
  • 3rd call staff/Dr. training
Essentially, this is the X-ray, Exam and Diagnosis for your dental business. 

Pin-Point Session an excellent in-depth way to address one topic/issue at a time within your practice.  The Pin-Point session involves one 90 minute phone call with one of our top consultants.  Within the phone call, you can address your concerns/issues and our consultant will provide you the necessary coaching/guidance.

Practice Development Program involves three 90 minute coaching calls.  These coaching calls are designed specifically for your needs, topics may include: Verbal Skills, Leadership, Practice Transitions, Marketing and Recall/Reactivation to name a few.   In addition to three 90 minute calls we provide additional email support if needed.

Year Long Consultation Options:

Practice Enhancement Program will do the following for your practice;

  • Implement systems within the practice, define designated duties, and create a strategy of ways to improve the practice.
  • Implement techniques for a more lucrative collections department, and help increase overall case acceptance.
  • Make improvements to your hygiene department.
  • Improvements to your marketing strategies are recommended, the new patient experience is evaluated in-depth including mystery calling analysis and feedback.
  • Morale, communication, and teamwork are developed with a positive approach.
  • Starting from the beginning of the year long consultation process, you and your staff will feel motivated, energized, and ready to start putting recommendations into action.  As the systems are implemented and streamlined, your practice will sail to success!
Step 1: Initial Practice Assessment

Step 2: In-office Visit (typically 2 days on-site)

Step 3: Monthly Electronic Practice Monitoring and Conference Calls

If you opted to start with the Practice Analysis Consultation, your fee will be credited towards your one year consulting investment if the in-office visit is scheduled within 90 days of Practice Analysis Consultation.

Practice Enhancement Consultation with Opt-Out Option

This plan offers the same services as the above listed plan but gives you the option to opt out at anytime over the course of the year.  Practice Analysis Consultation fee will be credited back to you at the end of the year.


Front Office Development 

What better way to optimize excellent systems for the administrative team than by a custom designed one-on-one training session for your office?

  • One or two days on-site exclusively with the front office administration team.
  • Learn how to enhance case presentations and increase case acceptance overall.
  • Learn collection strategies that get results including increasing over-the-counter collections and decreasing accounts receivable.
  • Learn the art of productive scheduling and communication techniques that reduce broken appointments.
  • Receive up to six hours of follow-up training via phone or Skype to include coaching, continued staff training and/or mystery calling. 

Tele Coaching - Dentists

Often times, a question will arise and you wish you could bend an ear of a trusted colleague, but what you truly need is the advice of a proven expert.   This one-hour teleconference with a Miles Global Consultant regarding any issue or question is invaluable! 

Whether you are considering adding an associate, buying a building, remodeling, or your practice is experiencing staff issues; this kind of support is critical in saving you time and money by avoiding expensive mistakes.  Learn from the experts and use their experience and knowledge to maximize your investment and build your practice.  This is a great way to take your practice to the next level! 

Tele Coaching - Staff

Does your staff need training now and you don’t have any time to train them yourself?  Did an issue come up and you would like your staff to have some advice on how to handle it?  Due to overwhelming requests, staff telephone training is your answer!

Practice Success Workshop

Customized one day on-site workshop custom designed to address your teams needs/concerns.

Team Retreats

How does a team retreat that brings the dentist, your practice and a facilitator together in a relaxed setting sound?  Fantastic!  Every Team that Plays together, Stays Together.  When you have a happy team, you have wonderful success!

The focus is on where your practice is going and how it’s going to get there over the next five years.  We create your vision through team building and communication.  This morale building event will be the joy of your practice for many years to come.  Treat your staff with an experience that will benefit your practice and your production from now until retirement!

A custom-designed workshop to be held from 8:00am to noon for two days at the destination of your choice. 

Let the staff at Miles Global help plan this Team Retreat event with you.  We have meeting planners ready to customize your event and plan the best Team Retreat you will ever have!


To browse a catalog of purchasable CD Seminars, Webinars, DVD Seminars, Print Materials, Books and/or to register for Miles Global events, visit their site Dental Management University (link to WSDA members and their staff will receive 10% discount on any products.