Licensure Requirements

Initial Licensure Requirements

Dentistry License via Examination Packet- use this licensure application if you have completed one of the following examinations within the last five years:

Dentistry License without Examination Packet- use this licensure application if you already hold a license in another state and completed your dentist clinical/practical examination more than five years ago from the date of this application.

Dental Licensure Fees

Additional Licensure Information
All applicants for licensure must pass the Jurisprudence Examination with a score of 100 percent. The Department of Health has compiled a list of all the RCWs and WACs that will be referenced on the exam.

HIV/AIDS Training amounting to seven hours is required for licensure candidates. WSDA provides online training videos that satisfy this requirement. DQAC also provides a list of in-person trainings offered around the state.

If you have ever had a DEA number it will need to be submitted to the Drug Enforcement Administration ins Seattle. Fill out this form and submit it to the DEA per the instructions included. If you have not had a DEA number issued in the past send a statement to indicate that. 

Malpractice Clearance: Applicants must have malpractices carriers submit a letter verifying their dates of coverage and claims history, if any. Should a claim have been made, legal documentation must also be submitted. If coverage is provided through an umbrella policy through a school, or if you are active in the military, that should be indicated in writing.
Active Duty Military
If the applicant is active duty in the military, the commanding officer must submit a letter outlining the duties, length of service and if adverse actions had been reported or taken against the applicant.
Foreign Trained Dentists
Foreign trained dentists must meet specific education requirements for Washington state. WAC 246-817-160 can be referenced for more information on these rules. 
Maintaining a Dental License
Your dental license expires annually on your birthday. Dentists can now renew their license online through the Department of Health. For information regarding licensure renewal, visit the DOH website.

In order to renew a license, the department must have current address information on file as renewal notices and updated credentials are sent through the mail. As a reminder, state mail (i.e. renewal reminder notices, etc.) are not forwarded. This form can be used to submit a change of address. As a member benefit, WSDA also sends out a License Renewal Reminder a month before our members' birthdays via email. 

21 hours of continuing education are required annually to renew your license. As a membership benefit, WSDA will track your CE credits. Simply swipe your membership card at your local component society meetings, the PNDC, participating study clubs or WSDA Academy events and your CE will be uploaded to your record. WSDA compiled a FAQ list of the most common CE questions that includes tips on how we help you manage your CE.