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Professional Liability- Malpractice Coverage
NORDIC Claims Made Professional Liability Policy covers you should a patient make a claim against you.With several limits to choose from starting at $1/5 million, this claims made policy is designed to provide you with comprehensive liability coverage for the professional services you provide your patients.  NORDIC offers several policy discounts including: claims-free history, new to private practice, and risk management continuing education. 

Business Owners Policy

NORDIC’s Business Owners Policy covers property, general liability and financial risks associated with your dental practice.  This comprehensive, replacement value policy offers protection for your building, your dental office and contents in the event of a loss. Coverage also includes:
-Business Income
-Extra Expense
-Employee Dishonesty
-Valuable Papers
-Accounts Receivables

CyberSecurity Protection
Even if you use state-of-the-art data controls, your assets could still be at risk. That’s why NORDIC is offering a CyberSecurity for dental practices insurance policy. The ever-changing technology your practice relies upon to conduct its business can also significantly increase its vulnerability to cyber security threats — any of which can result in significant out-of-pocket expenses and costs to your reputation that can devastate your practice’s bottom line. Because healthcare organizations are often targeted, NORDIC is offering CyberSecurity insurance to safeguard your practice in the event of a data breach.
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