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Physicians & Dentists Credit Bureau

Physicians & Dentists Credit Bureau was created by Doctors for Doctors back in 1934 because healthcare providers had a need; a collection agency that understood their unique needs, one built on honesty, integrity and results. The same need remains today and as a result we have become the gold standard in healthcare collection services.

We understand the collection process is a series of steps along an escalation path. Our years of experience have allowed us to design a successful process, incorporating many tools and services, some of which are listed below. The results are recovery rates more than double the national average.

Why should you choose us to be your collection partner?

Consider these reasons:

  • Results: Our collection performance is over double the national average! Expertise and technology give us an edge.
  • It's in our DNA: We were founded by Doctors for Doctors. It's all we do and our entire focus is on the healthcare industry.
  • Longevity: Our firm has been doing this for nearly 80 years so you can be sure we will be your trusted partner for years to come.
  • Integrity: We endeavor to treat every person we meet with courtesy and respect; both our clients and your patients.
  • Endorsed: We are exclusively endorsed by the Washington State Dental Association and other healthcare organizations.

Our services include:


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