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Verizon Wireless

Through WSDA's partnership with Verizon Wireless, members and their staff are offered a 10% discount on Verizon's plans and can receive an additional 3% discount if you enroll in paperless billing.

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Contact Jeremiah Atienza for further information.
Jeremiah.Atienza@VZW.com | (206) 999-5890

Business Solution Partners
Verizon Wireless has a network of business partners to help you with your business needs. Contact your solutions sales expert to help with your business continuity, security and monitoring needs. Click on the business partner for information.     Wireless Monitoring Sensors: Monnit information | Ameripharma information
    Wireless Alarm Monitoring: Infatrac Pyro.Watch and WIAA unit | Vestige
    Clinical Asset Tracking Identification - RFID: Delonti
    Wireless Backup, Internet Failover: Wyless
    Paperless Forms: Field2Base    
    HIPPA Compliant Secure Messaging: Tiger Text

Contact Ryan Olsen for assistance with your business needs
Ryan.Olsen@VZW.com | (206) 402-1182

WSDA Corporate Members: Contact Ryan Olsen for all Device and Service requests