• WELNAK_team
    “The net result has been a 21.8% year over year increase in production, with a retained but energized staff. However, the most important result of working with Dr. Savage has been that we are delivering higher quality dentistry to an expanded patient base. Without reservation, I can say that I made the right decision in retaining Dr. Savage as our practice management consultant.”
    Dr. Peter Welnak
    “I was able to perceive a difference in personal approach which I found appealing when compared to other consulting firms, which we looked at prior to hiring Dr. Savage. We chose Rhonda to be our consultant because of the way she looked at us as individuals first and dentists secondarily. Rhonda has been thus far successful with our office being able to increase production close to 20% in our first year working together, but more importantly bringing the concept of team achievement to the forefront.”
    Dr. Thomas Opsahl
  • CHEN
    “I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Savage to anyone who wants to work with a dental consultant. She has been punctual and informative on her monthly reports. Her recommendations have been methodical and well thought out. Sometimes she even sacrifices her family time to speak with me when needed.”
    Dr. Kalvin Chen