Practice Management Webinars

  • SavageSourceBanishing

    Banishing the Broken Appointment

    Are broken appointments, last minute cancellations and unmet case acceptance expectations “Driving You Wild?” Clearly defined policies within your office can improve customer service. Get the entire team on board with creating value for the dentistry!
  • SavageSourceStick

    Exceptional Practices Make Changes Stick

    How does the exceptional dental practice stay current and meet the patient’s needs? They’re willing to change and make the change stick. Even in unstable times, dental practices improve most when they put fear out of their mind and move forward.
  • SavageSourceDifficult

    Dealing With Difficult People

    No matter where you go or what you do, there will be difficult people. How do you deal with negativity, rudeness or bad behavior? Would you like to “get thru it” effectively and enjoy peace of mind? Then this webinar is for you!
  • SourceSavage

    The World has Gone Digital. Are You Onboard or Have You Been Left in the Dust?

    Where are you in the shifting sands of dental practice marketing? How do you attract and retain new patients? Where are your prospective patients finding information about you and your practice? Is online marketing more effective than traditional marketing? Learn how to set your feet on solid ground and build a marketing plan to grow your practice.